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Chess (çeviri) İngilizce

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Moves and powers:
each type of chessmen moves in a different manner. To capture an opponent''s man it moves onto the occupied square and removes the piece from the board. The king moves one square at a time in any direction. The queen is the most powerful piece. ıt can move in any direction for any distance . The rook moves any distance along the vertical and horizontal rows. the bishop moves only forward and backward .if there is a hostile man in the way, he may capture him. the knight moves by jumping from point to point, unlike all the other pieces that move on a line . ıt makes an L-shaped move.the pawn moves forward along the vertical rows away from the player . on its first move, it has a choice of moving forward either one or two squares . then, it way move only one square at a time.
The Play:
white always moves first, and then the moves alternate. the object of play is to capture the enemy king , although the king is never actually removed from the board . when a move threatens the king it is a CHECK , and the opponent either moves the king or captures the attacking piece, or puts forward a piece on the line of attack. when none of these defenses are possible , the king is CHECKMATED, and the game ends. Most games and before a checkmate; one player quits because he sees that he will lose. if a piece can move to a square occupied by an enemy piece, the move captures it. THe piece is removed from the board and replaced by the captor

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