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Tarih : 02 Ekim 2010 18:19
Yükleyen : Paylasimci
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Dear Mum;
I feel really awful!I wish I ......(not come) to this sports and health camp.If I had known the actiities here,I.....(not join) the sports club.This is the most tiring camp I.......(ever-be) at.I wish I....(give)it more thought before I made the decision to come here.I wish the people...(be) more friendly.They make us train all day long.They don''t let us rest for ever 5 minitues.doing physcial actives and playing games are tiring.If I....(not eat) junk foof,I....(be)fat and I wouldn''t be here now.I hate the food here.It is so liitle and tasteless.Will you come and take me home if I....(promise) to eat vegetables and fruit and do my exercises regularly?
Please mum! I''m hopeless.
I lowe you and miss you wery much.Jason

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